January 19, 2011

JUVENILE "Diary Of A Soulja" Unreleased Album



01. Everything
(feat. T-Pain)
02. The Verdict
(feat. Akon & T-Pain)
03. I Been Out Here
04. Get Ya Mind Right
05. Snippet
06. You
07. Who Can I Run To
(feat. Mannie Fresh)
08. Shit Done Got Real
09. Rest In Piece
10. So Fresh, So Clean
11. Fight Song
12. You Wanna Fuck
(feat. Mannie Fresh & Courtney Heart)
13. Think I Ain't Got Dough
14. You've Heard Of Me
15. Why These Niggas Wanna Kill Me
16. We In A Competition
17. Why You Keep Talkin' My Niggas
18. Lil' Daddy
19. Gangsta Like Me

Bonus Track:
20. What's Happening [Remix]
(feat. B.G. & Mannie Fresh)





choppercitykgz said...

Kruze... I know ur tryin to help keep old CMR alive but ur using MY COVERS & MY LINKS. U gotta shout me out or give me credit! This cover I MADE! The Lil Doogie album and cover I MADE! Ive gotten almost 200 hits on the lil Doogie album. eather post my blog or shout me out please! Ill help u if u help me. Ur makin me not want to post the shit i have cuz ur tryin to take the credit... Its nuthin but RESPECT..

MoneYMacK said...

I the link is mine & the cover I found on the net. So you get credit for the cover. That's all you.

Check the Download Links.You had MegaUpload. I used MediaFire. Plus I added the Bonus Track that wasn't included on your version. I've had the album since 2007. Just never posted it.

No disrespect. Just statin my case.


choppercitykgz said...

Its all love over here! I like what u guys are doin. I appreciate the shout. Much love and keep up the good work!

MoneYMacK said...

No doubt fam. Your site has VERY good releases. Some stuff I haven't seen in a long while. haha

Chopper City Bullets is a bookmarked site of mine.

We'll be in touch. Both of us are makin good moves out here.

Stay up! Good work yourself.

Anonymous said...

the links are dead. You mind reuploading the full 20 tracks to a zip file on mediafire? thanks

kruze said...

Yeah, for sure!

Anonymous said...

can you re up this for me?